Erky Timbers

Level 1 Cleric/Level 1 Fighter


Erky Timbers is a 43 year old, Small sized, Male Gnome, With Dark Blue Eyes, unkempt Blonde hair, and a short, scraggly beard. He stands 3’ tall and weighs 29 pounds. He is skinny and malnourished from a year of imprisonment. His world view is Neutral Good in nature, and is currently a worshiper of Garl Glittergold.


He was on his way to seek his fortune and took the Old Road shortcut out of Oakhurst. To his bad luck, the goblin bandits who claim territory in The Sunless Citadel caught him; he was imprisoned and tortured for over a year. His curing spells kept him healthy; otherwise he surely would have died from starvation and abuse. The Companions freed him from his confinement, and he accompanied them as they delved further into the buried fortress. When they reached the goblin encampment, Erky lost his head in the heat of battle and killed every member of the Durbuluk tribe. No women or child escaped his exacted revenge for a long year of imprisonment and torture. Standing in the aftermath of his carnage, the cleric was shocked and ashamed of his actions.
After helping the companions defeat Belak the Outcast and accompanying them out of the stronghold, Erky went his own path to deal with his inner demons and try to pick up his old life.

Erky Timbers

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