Keeper of Dragons


Meepo began his recorded existence as a downtrodden kobold who got the worst jobs his tribe had to offer. So when the tribe “acquired” a young white dragon, he was assigned to tend to its needs. At first he thought the job might have some prestige, but he quickly realized that cleaning up dragon dung and getting blasted with cold breath every time the dragon was displeased made the job more onerous than glamorous. When the dragon wyrmling was kidnapped by goblin rivals, his status was in the gutter. When the Companions meet him, hey says:

“The clan’s dragon… we’ve lost our dragon. The wretched goblins stole Calcryx, our dragon!”

He replies to attempts for more information with:

“Meepo don’t know, but the leader does. Meepo take you to meet the leader, Yusdrayl, if you make nice. Grant you safe passage, if you promise not to hurt Meepo. May be if you promise to rescue dragon, leader make nice to you, answer your questions.”

Before the Companions can accept Meepo’s help, Praxis attempts to strike him down. the remaining members are able to stop him, but not before Meepo flees. The Companions catch him, and choose to kill him during an ensuing kobold attack.



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