Olokul Arroway

Level 3 Druid


Olokul Arroway , Male Human Drd3: CR 3; Medium Humanoid ; HD 3d8+3(Druid) ; hp 22; Init +6; Spd 20; AC:14 (Flatfooted:12 Touch:12); Atk +2 base melee, +4 base ranged; +2 (1d6, Quarterstaff); +0 (1d6, Shortbow); AL CN; SV Fort +4, Ref +3, Will +6; STR 11, DEX 15, CON 13, INT 12, WIS 16, CHA 12.
Skills: Concentration +6, Diplomacy +4, Handle Animal +7, Heal +5, Knowledge (Nature) +10, Listen +5, Spellcraft +4, Spot +6, Survival +11, Swim -5.

Feats: Armor Proficiency: light, Armor Proficiency: medium, Brew Potion, Improved Initiative, Scribe Scroll, Shield Proficiency, Simple Weapon Proficiency.
Spells Known (Drd 4/3/2): 0 — Animal Trick, Create Water, Cure Minor Wounds, Darkseed, Dawn, Daze Animal, Detect Crossroads, Detect Ghost, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Fire Eyes, Flare, Guidance, Know Direction, Light, Mending, Naturewatch, Preserve Organ, Purify Food and Drink, Ram`s Might, Read Magic, Resistance, Scarecrow, Virtue; 1st — Animate Water, Animate Wood, Beget Bogun, Blinding Spittle, Calm Animals, Camouflage, Charm Animal, Claws of the Beast, Cure Light Wounds, Detect Animals or Plants, Detect Snares and Pits, Divine Inspiration, Endure Elements, Entangle, Extract Drug, Eyes of the Avoral, Faerie Fire, Goodberry, Handfire, Hawkeye, Healthful Rest, Hide from Animals, Jump, Lion`s Charge, Longstrider, Magic Fang, Magic Stone, Obscuring Mist, Omen of Peril, Pass without Trace, Power Sight, Produce Flame, Rapid Burrowing, Raptor`s Sight, Regenerate Light Wounds, Sandblast, Shillelagh, Silvered Claws, Snake`s Swiftness, Speak with Animals, Speed Swim, Spider Hand, Summon Nature`s Ally I, Suspend Disease, Traveler`s Mount, Twilight Luck, Vigor, Lesser, Vine Strike, Wings of the Sea, Wood Wose; 2nd — Adrenaline Surge, Animal Messenger, Animal Reduction, Animal Trance, Animate Fire, Avoid Planar Effects, Ayailla`s Radiant Burst, Balencing Lorecall, Barkskin, Bear`s Endurance, Beastmask, Blindsight, Blood Frenzy, Body of the Sun, Brambles, Branch to Branch, Briar Web, Bull`s Strength, Buoyant Lifting, Burrow, Cat`s Grace, Chameleon, Chill Metal, Circle of Nausea, Cloudburst, Creeping Cold, Daggerspell Stance, Decomposition, Delay Poison, Earthbind, Earthfast, Easy Trail, Embrace the Wild, Estanna`s Stew, Filter, Fire Trap, Flame Blade, Flaming Sphere, Fog Cloud, Gaze Screen, Ghost Companion, Green Blockade, Gust of Wind, Healing Lorecall, Heat Metal, Hold Animal, Listening Lorecall, Locate Node, Luminous Armor, Mark of the Outcast, Master Air, Might of the Oak, Nature`s Favor, One with the Land, Owl`s Wisdom, Persistence of the Waves, Reduce Animal, Regenerate Moderate Wounds, Remedy Moderate Wounds, Remove Addiction, Resist Energy, Restoration, Lesser, Scent, Share Husk, Snake`s Swiftness, Legion`s, Soften Earth and Stone, Speed of the Wind, Spider Climb, Summon Dire Hawk, Summon Nature`s Ally II, Summon Swarm, Sweet Water, Swim, Tiger`s Tooth, Train Animal, Tree Shape, Warp Wood, Wood Shape, Woodland Veil, Wracking Touch.
Spells Prepared (Drd 4/3/2): 0 – Detect Magic, Fire Eyes, Guidance, Scarecrow; 1st – Cure Light Wounds, Entangle, Shillelagh; 2nd – Barkskin, Master Air.
Weapons: Quarterstaff (0 gp); Shortbow (30 gp); Arrow (1) (1 sp).
Armor: Nightscale (1,000 gp).
Goods: Coin: gp (1665) (1,665 gp); Backpack (2 gp); Waterskin (full) (1 gp); Meals (per day), good (5 sp); Coin: sp (2) (2 sp); Bedroll (1 sp); Sack (1 sp); Flint and steel (1 gp).


Olokul was a young druid raised in a village hidden to those not in tune with nature. The village was comprised of druids of every race, religion, and background all working together to improve the world around them through magic. Not all the residence of this hidden village had the same intentions though.

One day a necromancer found his way into the village by “renouncing” his dark past and becoming a druid. Over the decades the village accepted him into their community, despite his dark past. As the years passed he rose through the ranks and many forgot he had ever been anything but a druid. But he had malicious plans for the druids of the village, a sacrificial ritual to drain them of their blood, blood he needed for a powerful spell.

Olokul and a few other druids were fortunate enough to be outside of the forest when the spell had commenced. Being outside of the village barrier it was impossible to tell what was going on, but the plants know, the mobile ones clinging to the druids out of fear. This is how Olokul met his companion Sir Woodsworth, but the meeting was bittersweet. When they made it back to the village it was vacant of life. The druids that inhabited the village were now dried husks. No one trapped inside the village was left alive.

On that night the druids that remained, with their new plant companions, vowed to take revenge on the ones who had stolen their lives from them. They formed a group of mercenary druids who communicate and work together to seek out users of the dark arts and eliminate them.

Olokul Arroway

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