Sir Urik

A Knight of the Raven


He has long black hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He wears full plate armor and carries a shield and longsword. an amulet shaped like a raven head hangs around his neck.


Sir Urik was the last surviving member of a once prominent group of evil hunters native to Barovia. For years he and his raven Hurrn have roamed the woods fighting off all manner of evil that threaten his hometown. When The Fox Force Five first encounter him, they tip the odds of a surely fatal battle in his favor. Their help is enough to earn his trust, and he agrees to help in their quest to foil Strahd’s plans.

The knight accompanies them across Barovia as they obtain holy items to help in the fight against the vampire lord, and contributed greatly to the teams efforts. Along the way, he becomes good friends with the other paladins in the group; Ashlyn for her plight against the undead similar to his own, and Shuffles who’s recent turn from evil ways left him searching for a greater purpose. Sir Urik inspired Shuffles to take the path of the raven and help carry on the nearly extinguished light of his order.

When the group first enters castle ravenloft, an ambush threatens to end them all. Sir Urik valiantly sacrifices himself so that the others may escape with their lives.

Sir Urik

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