Fox Force Five


The team is finally subdued by the troll encampment, taken prisoner, and transported deeper into the swamps.


The Fox Force Five infiltrate an underground Troll camp but things take a turn for the worse and the group is surrounded and outnumbered.

Into the Jungle

The companions travel into the jungle to find it inhabited by trolls during the day, and more undead at night.

No kitty, bad kitty!

V. is super dramatic over these dreams he’s been having. I don’t understand why he shows this weakness. He says it’s happening more often.
We talk things through and decide to go south with a girl we hired to get there Enel.
We travel to this Black Tower, some in the party have been here before. They say something of a Lord of the Tower who wanted the party to stay because of a zombie invasion. The party said fuck it.
We think maybe we should gather information during the day when the zombies aren’t there, they come out during the night only.
Ok tells the guards to please excuse Ziad. They are guarding this tower.
I know that there was once an ancient civilization that had been here in the swamp before the tower.
Ok is going to cast a Hallow spell which will be a ring of pure good energy that will keep the darkness at bay. It will take the druid a whole day to cast this spell. We will Hallow the tower. Ok says it will help us have a home base so that we can push the zombie hoard back.
Berry the goblin thinks that we humans are being stupid! These guards have been fighting these zombies for hundreds of years, how can we come back here and actually try and beat them. What kind of magic weapon do we have to beat them? We have nothing.
Berry believes it would be a better idea to run ahead during the day light and run as far as we can go to scout beyond the lines.
The guards are friendly towards us because we helped them last time.
OK turns into a bird and travels south. He crosses over the swamp. It’s between two and six feet deep. It’s not all flat land there are little hills coming out. There are cat tails, plants, crocodiles, and animals. As Ok flies over he sees things moving in the water, but he can’t tell what they are. It’s a dark color, green brown, its very dark.
The animals are all suddenly starting to disappear. It’s getting dark….suddenly the noises all stop. The undead are suddenly rises from the waters. Ok summons two monkeys to search the area and scout.
Ok suddenly flies the fuck out of there. He’s been flying for eighteen hours.
There are thousands of zombies, OK says we don’t understand. Ziad doesn’t think that they are very strong. Let’s just sleep during the day and fight zombies at night. We can do this.
We suddenly smell a dirty, raunchy, sweet. Anything but pleasant smell. It’s the smell of death and decay. Rayne believes it might be some crazy jungle plant that might smell this way. I feel like maybe these plants could be cannibals.
We search the nearby trees. Its maybe thirty feet across, it has a little bit of moss growing on it. It’s a natural dome hill, knoll.
There’s nothing really interesting that we notice about the knoll. The whole place has a weird eerie feeling. The swamp has a magical eeriness. We’ve decided to make a little spot in the woods. Ok is making the ground a hallow ground with his spell.
Suddenly the zombies know us. They see us. A few hours pass and we are slicing through zombies. Six hours in goes ok. All of a sudden, they are making it onto the knoll. They are coming in from all sides.
Berry casts Black Tentacles on one side of the knoll, and casting turning undead on the other side. So we’ve got two sides covered, of four. Ziad casts fireball on one of the sections, and the tendriculous starts to the eat the fourth side. We are okay for now.
We hear a huge roar, a huge screaming. All of a sudden, a huge undead zombie rushes at us through the jungle.
Berry threw two exploding ice daggers on the ground. The huge undead then slid on the ice and slammed up against our knoll that we had covered with spikes. The huge zombie then gets up with spikes in him, takes one out of him and rushes up at us again.
Berry then uses a transmutation spell to transform Krampus into an eight headed hydra.
Ok is concentrating as he continues his hallow spell. The huge undead rushes at OK. As he’s running he trips and falls.
We are able to all come together and kill his huge zombie. As we have turned all of our attention to killing this monstrous zombie, the zombies are now creeping up the knoll.
Berry does his Black Tentacles again on side of the knoll, V. turns undead on one side, Ziad cast a fireball on one side.
We chill on the hill and rest. Around noon we hear what sounds like a girl crying for help. Berry and Ziad think it’s a trap. Gruffles says to hold, let’s not be hasty.
The girl cries again please, help! V. says that ok, him, and myself should go try and help her. I agree.
We look around and suddenly Berry is gone. I hide.
We hear Berry cry out from behind the trees.
This creature that looks like a weasel with the body of a black panther and a tail with a plant mouth. He has Berry unconscious and wants to fight us.
V. asks if he will put his friend down.
The panther says, it’s not every day that I find something so tasty.
V. he’s not a real goblin
The cat says well he has goblin eyes…
Ziad says it’s like a chocolate covered human, he’s not really a goblin.
Gruffles says he will get goblin eyes for the cat but I need Berry right now.
You promise me eyeballs later, says the cat.
V. says that he won’t promise eyeballs, but we won’t promise that we won’t kill you if you don’t put our friends down.
Rayne says that he should join us! He’s kinda superbad ass, we will feed him goblin eyeballs. She pulls out her sword.
The cat believes if he makes the wrong move he will die, but he’s not stupid.
V. uses diplomacy to try and get him to put Berry down. Please just set him down.
Rayne, you need to see it from our end. I think you’re pretty cool, I’ll help you out, you help us out. Why wouldn’t you go with us, that’s the real question. She laughs.
The cat asks why we are even here? I haven’t seen a humanoid thing in years.
We are looking for the zombies, or what created them. The source if you will says V.
Zombies don’t seem to be too interested in me, says the cat.
Well there won’t be anymore eyeballs if the zombies take over, explains Rayne. If you help us take out the zombies, then there will always be eyeballs.
I will find eyeballs, most creatures have eyeballs.
We will go on many exotic adventures and give you three steaks a day, pleads Rayne.
I don’t trust you says the cat. I’m going to back away slowly with him, and when I’m convinced you no longer know where I am I will leave him on the road.
V. says, no that’s not going to happen. We won’t follow you, we just want your friend. You just nabbed our friends, we have plenty of reasons not to trust you.
Ok agrees. You don’t get to make the rules.
Gruffles, you leave our friend here and back the fuck off or we will kill you.
The cat doesn’t believe us. Why would you let me go? I think you’d come get me at night. When I’m convinced you can no longer find me I will leave him for you. I think I have the right to do this.
Ok does a mental telepathy link with Krampus and asked her to follow him.
V. casts Zone of Truth. He passes his check. He gets to ask one question and he has to answer truthfully. Will you leave our friend unharmed? Will you betray our trust?
The creature says that trust isn’t the word he would use, but he will do what he says. I will leave your friend unharmed.
V. isn’t worried about fighting the creature. He’s fully prepared to go.
Rayne says yes, I’m trusting you.
The creature is in the water, floating away.
Krampus is shimmering, following him. Suddenly Berry’s voice says, I said I would leave your friend unharmed if you weren’t following me.
V. decides to follow the creature. We don’t see anything after a little bit of time.
We move forwards and see nothing. I don’t understand where this creature is, and I’m totally beating myself up about leaving Berry alone like this.
We do find some comfort in knowing that Berry must be alive if Krampus is still alive.
The crew has been gone for about twenty minutes or so. The people with OK hear a coughing sound on the other side of the knoll. Gruffles goes over to investigate. Berry is waking up, just coughing up water. Gruffles asks if he’s okay. Big dwarf that he is. I don’t know what the fuck just happened, what the fuck? Asked Berry. Well I’m glad you’re okay buddy says Gruffles. Let’s smoke some weed he says. A few days later the other group gets there, and he gets very upset that the rest of the group is there ruining their high.
When we get back to camp I start to notice a few weeds growing around OK’s arms. He is just a few hours from completing his hallow, the weeds soon start to spread. The area arounds us starts to suddenly grow with grass, and everything starts to come to life. The clouds part and the sun starts to shine through. We all high five right there. It will be a circle of protection for at least a year. We watch the sun go down over the horizon, and we hear the water swirl and the zombies come up to see this circle of light. None of the zombies can get to us a whole circle of zombies in a forty foot radius. Rayne wants to go and investigate, she wants to touch them.

Ok asks three questions to nature. There have not been people around here for a very long time. The state of the swamp is not a thriving habitat, but the creatures here will survive because this has been happening for a hundred years. They’ve adapted.

Gruffles Gets Him Some New Armor! =)

Barry casts Slow which negates the Naga’s spell Haste.
V. casts Delay Death on Gruffles as a ready action incase OK fails. Spiritual weapon hits with for 8 damage.
Lenwenye moves further along the side of the tower and makes a successful Balance Check.
Rayne’s first attack hits for 15 damage, but her other two attacks miss.
Ok gets up successfully thanks to his successful Balance Check.
The Fire Elemental attacked the Naga and did 12 fire damage.
Ziad casts Invisibility on himself, and moves behind Max. The dog will be on the edge, and flies behind Max to get in line of sight of the Naga. If he feels in trouble he wants to be close enough to Max to be able to tap his paw and do a touch spell if necessary.
Krampus flies at the tip of the Naga’s tail up her spine and Barry creates a rainstorm of boiling water which makes the Naga take 8 damage.
V passes his reflex save, gets hit by lightning, and takes 20 damage from the Naga. Unconscious, bleeding out.
Maxime passes hers, gets hit by lightning, and takes 20 damage from the Naga.
Ok passes his, gets hit by lightning and takes 20 damage from the Naga.
Barry casts Fly on himself and starts to float down the side of the tower.
Casts Haste.
Lenwenye continues to move around the tower. She goes invisible.
Rayne attacks for a total of 9 damage, and makes a successful Balance Check.
Gruffles gets up and then falls down the stairs, but then takes 5 damage and is prone. He decides to Lay on Hands himself, and will have 3 health.
Ok is unconscious.
Ziad still invisible, Divine Transpositions himself and OK from the battlefield.
We all make our way downstairs to rest. The Naga has no intention of following us.
Ziad gives Greater Mage Armor to V, himself, and Joey. Casts Resistance on himself and his dog. Casts Shield on himself and Invisibility on himself and Maxime. He casts Fly on himself and Maxime, and the go out and fly on the very edge of the tower. Passes his Move Silently Check.
I go invisible and position myself behind the Naga.
Gruffles casts Silver Beard on himself.
OK casts Luminous Armor on Gruffles.
Barry give Gruffles Bull’s Strength, and also gives Cat’s Grace to Gruffles. Gives Mage Armor to Lenwenye and himself.
V casts Bless on everyone, and casts Haste on everyone. Cast Law Devotion on himself.
As everyone gets into position, Rayne hears the Naga sigh and then change positions. Like its board of us, and doesn’t really want to have to fight us again.
Rayne runs out moving silently and hides.
Barry is flying off of the top of the castle.
Ok casts Dispel Magic. It dispels one of the Naga’s lower level buffs. He takes a deep breath and tries to cast Dispel Magic, and dispels another buff of the Naga’s.
I invisibly shoot the beast with two arrows. One hits the Naga for 3 damage but the other misses the target completely. I successfully tumble to the right out of the way.
The Naga summons an Ice Storm, which does 14 damage and 7 cold damage to anyone in the area. Barry, Rayne, and Krampus avoided it. The Naga dispelled Ziad’s fly spell.
Barry Casts Slow on the Naga. which makes the Haste the Naga cast on himself will forever be dispelled. Cast slow on the Naga again, but the second time did not work.
Casts Fly on himself, and passes his Concentration check. He is 50 to 70 feet below the top of the tower.
One of the Naga’s buffs is seeing invisibility.
V casts Dispel Magic, and succeeds in dispelling a spell. He also succeeds in Spiritual Weapon and hits the Naga for 27 damage.
Maxime crawls closer.
Krampus flew into the battlefield, and poly-morph’s into a Dire Lion. She just came in claws out ready to kick some ass. 23 damage to the Naga. Wins her grapple check and has the Naga by the teeth.
Rayne sneaks behind the Naga and one of her three attacks make their mark. 13 damage to the Naga.
Ok tries to Dispel Magic twice. They both were successful in taking away two of the Naga’s Spell. One was the highest spell that he had, one was the lowest spell it had.
Lenwenye shoots the Naga for two arrows which is a total of 15 damage and makes a successful dodge check out of the way.
Naga is going to bite the Dire Lion and do 17 damage, and also will make the Dire Lion take 3 Constitution damage thanks to poison.
Barry will Bestow Curse on the Naga, however the beast wasn’t affected. Barry will take a deep breath, and try and cast Shock and Grasp which is a touch spell, and will do 18 damage to the Naga.
Ziad will cast Maximize Shock and Grasp on Maxime.
V uses swift action to do another Spiritual Weapon, which will incur 23 damage from a total of 2 Spiritual Weapons. V knocks the Naga unconscious.
Before anything else, Alistar runs up to the crystal and puts it in a bag for holding. Rayne, Gruffles, and Ziad want to kill the Naga. Joey, and myself don’t agree with this.
Maxime does a Shock and Grasp to the Naga and officially kill it.
Alistar just says that okay we can leave and Dimension Doors us back to the East Castle.
He does give us however 70,000 gold to split between the seven of us, which gives us 10,000 gold pieces.
Rayne bestows upon us all a necklace for one minute a day will allows us to summon a giant wasp.
Rayne stabs V for 12 damage and says don’t run out stupidly into battle again.
V casts sanctuary on himself and then heals himself.
Rayne says that she is Captain and is upset that the rest of the team wasn’t consulted. She thinks that he shouldn’t run out into the middle of battle.
V says that she needs to speak up. That it needs to be known sooner what is going on. That if she attacks again, there will be worse done.
Gruffles wants to buy new armor.
I buy a new sword and a new ring.
Berry buys a new headband that will give him Intelligence points.

Come and Get it Naga!

The Naga says that it must kill us in the name of I couldn’t make out the name.
“Who are you speaking of? This?”
Ustran is my master. I will serve him.
Why were we teleported here?
I was specifically put here to guard this crystal. If you do not leave, I will have to fight you.
How do we get out of here?
That is not my problem.
Knowledge Arcana- (27) It is a guardian naga, which is an abberition. It can be a proficient spell caster. It is poisonous, venomous.
Why is there web on the floor? Every time we teleport we end up in it? Why?
When will your master be back so that we can talk about getting out of here?
It is irrelevant to the matter at hand. This is the last time I will tell you to leave this rooftop. The naga is staring directly into our eyes, preparing to strike.
The webbing is a celestial webbing, their aren’t spiders. It’s just webbing there.
I’m a goblin, not a gnome! He yells at OK.
We make our way downstairs. This round room has a domed ceiling filled with arcane patterns. They don’t mean anything. There are strands of webbing everywhere, which are just glowing with energy.
Knowledge Arcana- The runes are enchanted spell. He wants to try and learn the spell.
Searches- There really isn’t anything of interest, just the cobwebs. They look more fiber optic than sticky.
The symbols on the wall are the reason that people have been enchanted and made to walk to the blue orb room.
Rayne laughs.
We are going to try and break the webs.
When we were up here before, and I tried to open the window I got the fuck shit shocked out of me.
We decide to stay the night and dance. V., thought he was badass, but I crit.
I think if I cast sanctuary on myself and then silence then it will give someone time for a distraction of some kind…
Possibly…but do you think we can really distract a naga? I prepared buffs, and anti-magic spells, and I prepared my acid spitting. There’s another spell I’d like to prepare Baleful Polymorph.
Casts Divine Inspiration (3 to attacks against evil creatures) on Gruffles, V, and Rayne. Casts Luminous Armor on V and himself.
Casts Greater Mage Armor (
6 to AC) on Gruffles, and myself.
Casts Cat’s Grace (2 to AC, +4 to Dex) on Gruffles, and myself.
Gives Rayne the potion of Cat’s Grace.
Casts Silver Beard on himself, and casts Bless on everyone else.
Casts Superior Resistance on himself.
Praying to his god at the moment which gives him (
3 to AC).
Once we get to the stairs, he casts Phierans Resolve (4 on saving throws against spells with an evil descriptor). Casts Bull’s Strength on Gruffles (4 to Strength).
Casts Invisibiliy on himself and also on Berry. They both go up following V.
Casts Sanctuary on himself and goes upstairs. Walks to the top of the stairs,
The Naga is a Guardian Naga. Because V doesn’t go up invisible, the Naga knows that we are coming.
V is going up followed by Gruffles, and Berry and Ziad are following invisible. Krampus is blurry and is flying.
Casts silence on the naga as he makes eye contact with the monster. Screams “Silence bitch!”
The Naga isn’t affected.
Casts Magic Weapon as a swift action.
Runs up, and strikes with his sword. He misses with both attacks.
Invisible, walks to the top of the stairs. Casts Touch of Idiocy on the Naga. Shoots it as a Ray. But misses. Knows that this creature is a lawful good creature.
Casts Grease on the whole rooftop and summons a fire wall around it. The grease is not flammable, it’s not that kind of attack,,,,but it is on a slope, so the wall of fire is going sort of outward, curving, so it will do 6 damage to Gruffles, 3 damage to V, and 3 damage to Barry.
Myself, Rayne, and Ok are following behind but now we have.
I hide behind V, and pass my Balance check.
Runs and moves silently. Passes Balance check.
Summons a large fire elemental on the roof, behind the naga, in the wall of fire. It lasts 9 rounds. The fire elemental is immune to the fire and does not slip on the grease.
Krampus is immune to fire, and decides to attack from behind the Naga.
“V! We need a plan!”
“My only plan is to attack. We could shoot scorching rays it, and I can do another magic weapon attack on it.”
Casts a fireball right at the foot of the stairwell. It will cover a 20 foot radius.
Spellcraft check it- He will try to counter the attack with a fireball of his own. However, it didn’t work.
Passes his Reflex Save
Passes his Reflex Save.
Passes his Reflex Save.
Passes his Reflex Save.
Does not.
Does not.
Those who did not pass were required to take 26 damage, and those who did pass take 13.
The fireball hits, and spits poison at Gruffles. He does not take damage this turn, but it is on him still. He is green and gold in color and gives off the sweet scent of flowers.
Shock and Grasp spell as a ranged attack, misses.
Spell fails, Slay the Living…but actually does take some damage from the spell. She will take 13 damage.
Casts Silence yet again on the area that contains the Naga. The six foot radius that will be in between the crystal and the floor. On his side of the fire wall. But misses his physical attacks. Tries to move closer to the Naga. Crit shits on his Balance check. This means that he will prone, and slid off of the raised part of the roof. He will slide back down to the more flat part, and must take 3 damage.
The naga is wrapped around the crystal under the gazeebo like structure on top of the tower.
Passing my Balance Check I move still hidden slowly along the side.
Passes her Balance check and moves at half speed.
Swings at the naga, and his attack doesn’t even affect it.
Casts Dispel Magic on the Naga. Ok is successful on dispelling one spell. Crit Shit his Balance check and falls down the staircase. He only takes 1 damage and is prone.
The fire elemental stays still.
Flies off of the tower outward, still invisible.
Steam Breath for 2 damage.
Gruffles takes 5 heat damage from the fire. Everyone else takes 1 damage,
The Naga is going to cast another fireball.
Passes her reflex save.
Passes his reflex save.
Passes his reflex save.
Passes his reflex save.
V and myself take 24 damage, everyone else takes 12.
Casts Ice Dagger on the Naga. 8 damage to the naga.
V. heals me for 16 health, and stands up.
I pass my balance check and walk back behind the Naga.
Pierces the Naga with a sneak attack, using her dagger with 39 damage.
Did a successful Dispel Magic on the Naga.
Crit shits and slips and falls forward, hitting his face on the ground. He will now have to make a fortitude save. He will also take 3 damage. He does however pass his Fortitude save. Is prone.
Stands up. The Fire Elemental runs through rayne, so thank god she is immune to fire. The fire elemental’s attack misses. Ok then tries to turn the Naga into a sloth with Baleful Poly-Morph. It didn’t work however.
Maximizes scorch and ray. The Naga will receive 21 damage.
Barry and Gruffles are going to take 4 damage from the heat wall. Myself, V. and Rayne are going to take 3 damage.
Gruffles takes 27 damage, which makes him unconscious.
Scorching ray at the cleric dude, and one at Ziad. 13 damage to Skrillin. And 19 damage to Ziad.

Zombie Incursion
progress through the dead is slow

The Fox Force Five make their way further into the infected town of Barovia choosing to avoid the main street. But its not long before they’re ambushed again by the infected zombies, this time accompanied by few dire maggots drawn by the carrion stench suffusing the town. The party dispatches the dead and finds 6 Barovian survivors holed up in a building. The group rests with the survivors for the night and agree to escort them to the town square, where rumors tell more survivors are holding out.

The next day they all set out for town square. Along the way they hear the moaning of a women and investigate. The woman known as Mad Mary around town is hysterical and rants about her daughter whom she kept safe from the world. The daughter Gertruda ran away and the mother thinks she is trapped in the castle. Mad Mary doesn’t respond to any conversation not pertaining to Gertruda and instead sobs miserably so the companions leave her.

As the continue down the streets they hear movement inside a building. They decide to investigate and end up taking on more zombies and maggots, this time accompanied by infected zombie rats. pillage the corpses and building afterwards yields a bit of gold and gems.

Pony Up

Day 19:
We meet our weary travelers again at the exit of the Sunless Citadel. The lengthy rope once used for decent now hangs before them. A faint pale light shines from the hole above. Analise Cloudcroft gripped the rope firmly began to climb the arduous accent and was well off before a slight snicker was heard from above. It was Jotte eagerly sawing at the only escape available to our hero’s. A quick snap of the rope and Analise Cloudcroft plummeted to the sandy floor. A menacing maniacal laugh screeched from the ceiling as Jotte scampered away.
Hours passed as our Companions considered their options for exiting the dungeon. When suddenly an inviting “Hello!?!” is heard from above as a fine rope is lowered to their rescue.

Further Down the Rabbit Hole

Nearing the end of Day 14 The Companions have climbed down the vine ridden shaft. Landing on a soft palate of sand. A short drop from the gaping shaft in the ceiling. They venture forward defeating Skeletons and Goblins alike. Finding narrow hallways and great octagon shaped rooms. Illuminated by a florescent fungus growing almost seamlessly throughout the dungeon, On several occasions they defeated Thoqquas and hobgoblins. There was a tremendous battle when the Companions were caught sleeping near a bench they found. They thought that they were safe from the Bugbears they had noticed earlier… But they were wrong. Many large injuries were suffered during the battle, but it was finally won Analise Cloudcroft who did the greatest amount of damage during the bout.

Venturing further into the dungeon the Companions discover a quaint room with a cracked opening just large enough for all to pass though. The dark and narrow crevasse went on for many yards leading up to an overpass and a large cavern. There they encountered another Thoqqua setting two of the members on fire. Viceak and Praxisboth were immediately set ablaze. Swift thinking by Cloudcroft with a shot to the heart left the elemental in the dust.

The next few days for the Companions were very rough. Getting into a battle with a very large bugbear Ballsag and his two companion rat-hounds Rip and Fang. As well as almost being defeated by two Shadows and their deadly touch. Only Ziad Zafari with his mystical magical abilities was able to defeat the foes. Further and further they travel wondering if they will ever find this Evil Druid of legend.

The Travelers stumble upon a small library full of useful scrolls and tomes that contained another door leading down and out to a large and creepy cavern brightly illumined by the cultivated luminescent fungi that surround the cavern ceiling. A large thicket of briers immensely deep now lies ahead for our to hack and slash their way through. The Halfling two scurry forward though the thicket only to find small bands of Twiglites guarding the grove. As the larger Companions make their way to the clearing they finally notice their goal.

A massive tree, dark and evil, lies brooding in its blackness. Standing before it were three dark looking figures and one large frog. Diplomacy was not a factor within the enemies mind that evening and soon the battle ensued. After a very lengthy and hard fought battle our Companions have vanquished the evil foes within The Sunless Citadel. Viceak with his longsword left the Evil Druid Belak the Outcast pinned to the dark tree as a message to all who try to cultivate evil… stay away.

End of Day 18

A Prisoner Snaps
A tomb opened, goblins slaughtered, and further decent

After defeating the kobold leader Yusdrayl, The Companions find a key and decide to leave the helpless remains of the kobold clan alone. They backtrack to a magically sealed door near the entrance to the citadel and use the key to open it. They survive a gauntlet of traps and an attack from a indentured quasit to reach a sealed sarcophagus. Opening the to the sarcophagus reveals an ancient inhabitant of the now fallen dragon cult fortress, a dragon priest punished for transmuting himself into the form of a troll. Weak from centuries in stasis, the dragonpriest troll is easily slain.

Now that the rest of the fortress has been explored, the Companions move into the goblins main territory. During the battle, Erky Timbers snaps, a full year of imprisonment and torture coming back in a wave of rage. He slaughters the entire Goblin tribe; women, children and elderly left in a heap of gore. The rest of the group watches in awe as the brutality enfolds. Afterwords Erky is silent, contemplating the horror of his deeds.
But only minutes pass before the group encounters the goblin chief Content Not Found: durnn In the companions most difficult battle yet, They defeat Durnn and his guards, including a cleric and twig blight. After the battle, they rest up and stand atop an open shaft leading further down in to the abyss.


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