Fox Force Five

Clan Crushed
Kobolds are massacred

The Companions fight through goblin territory and make their way back to the Kobolds. They Defeat Yusdrayl along with the kobold tribes entire fighting force and find a magic key.

Belated Farewell
A family member found dead, a mascot murdered

The Companions release Erky Timbers from his year long imprisonment and he joins the group. They backtrack a bit and use his clerical powers to open a magically sealed door. They defeat whats left of century dead dragon priests and find a magic whistle, Azan-Gund “Night Caller”.
Then they follow the tracks of the lost party into the lair of Guthash, the dire rat matriarch, who is defeated. But the victory is short lived when the find the body of Karakas. Analise Cloudcroft has little time to mourn her cousins loss before they venture on. They fight through more goblin territory and encounter Calcryx, the stolen kobold mascot, and are forced to kill it in battle. And so the Companions defeat their first dragon.

Diplomacy Failed
Further exploration of the Sunless Citadel

The Party catches and subdues Meepo, but gains the attention of nearby kobold bounders. The Companions make short work of the kobolds, killing Meepo in the process. After a narrow victory against a water mephit, and the extraction of a fireball potion from a depleted dragon fountain, the adventurures make there way into goblin territory where they happen upon a stockade where a small humanoid is held captive.

New Beginnings
Introductions Made, Quests Embarked Upon

In the small town of Oakhurst, five adventurers find themselves in the Ol’ Boar Inn. They meet each other by chance and realize they all have the same goal, though their motivations vary. The destination is The Sunless Citadel. they spend the night getting to know each other, then set out the next day. Thus The Companions are assembled.
They make the eighty seven mile journey east to a ravine that hides the buried fortress. They arrive at nightfall on the third day and decide to make camp for the night before exploring the crevice. preliminary scouting reveals signs of nearby goblin bandits and an adventuring party a month past. They slowly make their way down with the use of a rope left by the previous party. At the end of the rope, The party is ambushed by dire rats, but the companions are victorious. They climb further down the ravine and finally reach the Sunless Citadel at the bottom.
As the enter the fortress, they find signs of the previous parties excursion, as well as warring goblin and kobold tribes. The encounter Meepo who offers them safe passage to the tribes leader and ask they in turn help find a stolen dragon. Praxis attempts to kill Meepo, but the others stop him, though not be for he runs off frightened.


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