Fox Force Five

Come and Get it Naga!

The Naga says that it must kill us in the name of I couldn’t make out the name.
“Who are you speaking of? This?”
Ustran is my master. I will serve him.
Why were we teleported here?
I was specifically put here to guard this crystal. If you do not leave, I will have to fight you.
How do we get out of here?
That is not my problem.
Knowledge Arcana- (27) It is a guardian naga, which is an abberition. It can be a proficient spell caster. It is poisonous, venomous.
Why is there web on the floor? Every time we teleport we end up in it? Why?
When will your master be back so that we can talk about getting out of here?
It is irrelevant to the matter at hand. This is the last time I will tell you to leave this rooftop. The naga is staring directly into our eyes, preparing to strike.
The webbing is a celestial webbing, their aren’t spiders. It’s just webbing there.
I’m a goblin, not a gnome! He yells at OK.
We make our way downstairs. This round room has a domed ceiling filled with arcane patterns. They don’t mean anything. There are strands of webbing everywhere, which are just glowing with energy.
Knowledge Arcana- The runes are enchanted spell. He wants to try and learn the spell.
Searches- There really isn’t anything of interest, just the cobwebs. They look more fiber optic than sticky.
The symbols on the wall are the reason that people have been enchanted and made to walk to the blue orb room.
Rayne laughs.
We are going to try and break the webs.
When we were up here before, and I tried to open the window I got the fuck shit shocked out of me.
We decide to stay the night and dance. V., thought he was badass, but I crit.
I think if I cast sanctuary on myself and then silence then it will give someone time for a distraction of some kind…
Possibly…but do you think we can really distract a naga? I prepared buffs, and anti-magic spells, and I prepared my acid spitting. There’s another spell I’d like to prepare Baleful Polymorph.
Casts Divine Inspiration (3 to attacks against evil creatures) on Gruffles, V, and Rayne. Casts Luminous Armor on V and himself.
Casts Greater Mage Armor (
6 to AC) on Gruffles, and myself.
Casts Cat’s Grace (2 to AC, +4 to Dex) on Gruffles, and myself.
Gives Rayne the potion of Cat’s Grace.
Casts Silver Beard on himself, and casts Bless on everyone else.
Casts Superior Resistance on himself.
Praying to his god at the moment which gives him (
3 to AC).
Once we get to the stairs, he casts Phierans Resolve (4 on saving throws against spells with an evil descriptor). Casts Bull’s Strength on Gruffles (4 to Strength).
Casts Invisibiliy on himself and also on Berry. They both go up following V.
Casts Sanctuary on himself and goes upstairs. Walks to the top of the stairs,
The Naga is a Guardian Naga. Because V doesn’t go up invisible, the Naga knows that we are coming.
V is going up followed by Gruffles, and Berry and Ziad are following invisible. Krampus is blurry and is flying.
Casts silence on the naga as he makes eye contact with the monster. Screams “Silence bitch!”
The Naga isn’t affected.
Casts Magic Weapon as a swift action.
Runs up, and strikes with his sword. He misses with both attacks.
Invisible, walks to the top of the stairs. Casts Touch of Idiocy on the Naga. Shoots it as a Ray. But misses. Knows that this creature is a lawful good creature.
Casts Grease on the whole rooftop and summons a fire wall around it. The grease is not flammable, it’s not that kind of attack,,,,but it is on a slope, so the wall of fire is going sort of outward, curving, so it will do 6 damage to Gruffles, 3 damage to V, and 3 damage to Barry.
Myself, Rayne, and Ok are following behind but now we have.
I hide behind V, and pass my Balance check.
Runs and moves silently. Passes Balance check.
Summons a large fire elemental on the roof, behind the naga, in the wall of fire. It lasts 9 rounds. The fire elemental is immune to the fire and does not slip on the grease.
Krampus is immune to fire, and decides to attack from behind the Naga.
“V! We need a plan!”
“My only plan is to attack. We could shoot scorching rays it, and I can do another magic weapon attack on it.”
Casts a fireball right at the foot of the stairwell. It will cover a 20 foot radius.
Spellcraft check it- He will try to counter the attack with a fireball of his own. However, it didn’t work.
Passes his Reflex Save
Passes his Reflex Save.
Passes his Reflex Save.
Passes his Reflex Save.
Does not.
Does not.
Those who did not pass were required to take 26 damage, and those who did pass take 13.
The fireball hits, and spits poison at Gruffles. He does not take damage this turn, but it is on him still. He is green and gold in color and gives off the sweet scent of flowers.
Shock and Grasp spell as a ranged attack, misses.
Spell fails, Slay the Living…but actually does take some damage from the spell. She will take 13 damage.
Casts Silence yet again on the area that contains the Naga. The six foot radius that will be in between the crystal and the floor. On his side of the fire wall. But misses his physical attacks. Tries to move closer to the Naga. Crit shits on his Balance check. This means that he will prone, and slid off of the raised part of the roof. He will slide back down to the more flat part, and must take 3 damage.
The naga is wrapped around the crystal under the gazeebo like structure on top of the tower.
Passing my Balance Check I move still hidden slowly along the side.
Passes her Balance check and moves at half speed.
Swings at the naga, and his attack doesn’t even affect it.
Casts Dispel Magic on the Naga. Ok is successful on dispelling one spell. Crit Shit his Balance check and falls down the staircase. He only takes 1 damage and is prone.
The fire elemental stays still.
Flies off of the tower outward, still invisible.
Steam Breath for 2 damage.
Gruffles takes 5 heat damage from the fire. Everyone else takes 1 damage,
The Naga is going to cast another fireball.
Passes her reflex save.
Passes his reflex save.
Passes his reflex save.
Passes his reflex save.
V and myself take 24 damage, everyone else takes 12.
Casts Ice Dagger on the Naga. 8 damage to the naga.
V. heals me for 16 health, and stands up.
I pass my balance check and walk back behind the Naga.
Pierces the Naga with a sneak attack, using her dagger with 39 damage.
Did a successful Dispel Magic on the Naga.
Crit shits and slips and falls forward, hitting his face on the ground. He will now have to make a fortitude save. He will also take 3 damage. He does however pass his Fortitude save. Is prone.
Stands up. The Fire Elemental runs through rayne, so thank god she is immune to fire. The fire elemental’s attack misses. Ok then tries to turn the Naga into a sloth with Baleful Poly-Morph. It didn’t work however.
Maximizes scorch and ray. The Naga will receive 21 damage.
Barry and Gruffles are going to take 4 damage from the heat wall. Myself, V. and Rayne are going to take 3 damage.
Gruffles takes 27 damage, which makes him unconscious.
Scorching ray at the cleric dude, and one at Ziad. 13 damage to Skrillin. And 19 damage to Ziad.


SanguineSnake TheGoldenGeneral

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